We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions please send them via our contact page.

Q. Do I really need a web site for my business?
A. A web site can work in conjunction with your existing business. It is a powerful marketing tool, which is available worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to your potential customers. A web site can add professionalism to your company.
At siteFX we understand that companies often have to prioritize due to time and budget constraints, and that a web site may not be the main concern. Perhaps a web site would not be the most beneficial route for your business to take. Only you can decide that. If you would like us to price a web site for you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We do not believe in hard selling - at siteFX we do it for fun!

Q. Can I start with a small web site?
A. Yes. If you would like a presence on the World Wide Web to "test the water", that is not a problem. Your web site can grow as your business grows.

Q. Who actually owns my web site?
A. You are the owner of your website. When we register your domain, the person you designate will be listed as the owner, as well as the administrative and billing contact.

Q. Can I keep track of the number of visitors to my web site?
A. If you wish we can provide you with access to statistics that will tell you how many visitors you have had.

Q. Can I update the web site myself?
A. We do not recommend editing the web site yourself unless you understand HTML. If you wish to make frequent updates and changes to your site we can provide a content management system. This is an administration web site that enables you to make updates to the site without any special training or software. It is in effect another web site, which can be accessed via a user name and password, from any PC connected to the internet.

Q. Can you help me choose a domain name?
A. Yes. Together we can view the available options and choose a name that reflects your business or interests best. E.g. myCompany.co.uk

Q. Will I have a new email address with my domain name?
A. Yes. You can have up to 100 email aliases using your new domain name, e.g. info@myCompany.co.uk, sales@myCompany.co.uk, John@myCompany.co.uk etc. Mail sent to each of these addresses can be redirected to any email account of your choosing.



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